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Astronomical Promotional Offer
35% OFF

For a limited time only, Drone Show Guys is beating competitor quotes by 35%. This offer rewards event coordinators who are planning events in 2022.  Simply submit a competitor's quote by filling out the form on this page.  As long as the show is within our technical and legal capability and the promotion conditions, we will provide you with a comparable show priced 35% under our competitor's bid. 

Promotion Conditions

Time Frame

Drone light show events must take place after 2021.


The drone light show must take place within the 48 contiguous United States.


The airspace occupied by the drone light show must be classified as Class G by the FAA.


The drone shows under this promotion are limited between 50 and 500 drones.

Reputable Companies

We only accept drone light show quotes from reputable companies.


Drone light shows under this promotion are limited to 18 minutes.

Promotion Savings Calculator

Other Guys:

$25000 USD

Drone Show Guys:

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We will contact you shortly regarding your quote. Thank you kindly. 

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