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Beyond Social

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Today, most marketing is digital marketing, comprised mainly of social media posts and ads. Some reports indicate that people spend over 2.5 hrs a day in social media communication, which helps explain why so many businesses try to meet their customers online. The media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, have made it easy for companies to post ads. Still, inexperience with each platform can quickly lead to wasted advertising dollars. One of the challenges to applying and maximizing paid social posts is staying on top of the game by studying the latest technology, options, and policies.

Even with complete knowledge of the social platforms, there is no way to ensure that a post will meet the criteria for success. To top it off, your competitors are outbidding you on the social ads while prospective customers are quickly becoming desensitized by the content they are seeing.

Sometimes we need to go beyond social.

Instead of meeting your customer online, would it be crazy to invite your customers to be entertained with impressive drone light shows while promoting your message? In contrast with your competitor's social posts, would it be insane to show your brand in a way never seen before? Would it be terrible if your customers shared their experiences on social media on your behalf?

Go beyond social with Drone Show Guys.

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