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The Elite Drone Show Club

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

There’s usually a common topic when speaking with customers: it is hard to find drone show companies. Let's explore the reasons for having a small set of options.

It's easy to tell exactly how many drone show service companies can operate in the United States, just search the FAA database. Every drone show company needs a waiver to part 107.35. There are less than 10 companies in the USA that are authorized to fly enough drones to make a legitimate show.

Equipment costs

High-quality drones are preferred for reliable and accurate drone displays. Stocking hundreds or thousands of high-quality drones is a costly venture. For a startup, purchasing a large number of drones is a liability and intimidating. How will all the drones be maintained, tracked, repaired, charged, and transported?

FAA authorization and risk mitigation

Companies looking to get into drone light show services face a huge challenge: getting permission from the federal government to fly multiple drones at once. Currently, drone pilots can only fly one drone at a time. To get this type of approval, a person must be able to mitigate the risks associated with flying hundreds of drones near groups of people.


Since the number of drone show companies is limited, so is the number of drone shows being flown and in turn, the pool of pilots and staff who have experience operating large numbers of drones is quite small. Companies need to develop their own training programs and experience to perform flawless drone shows.


While drones have been in the commercial space for several years, drones are typically used one per pilot for video or still imagery. Most of the off-the-shelf systems are not readily adaptable to flying in groups of numerous choreographed and lighted drones. The result is that there is a small knowledge base in system design and implementation for drone light shows.

Drone Show Guys overcame the barriers to entry by applying our know-how of 15+ years of experience in drones to the design of our drone light show system which helps us control costs, mitigate risks, and produce an easy to deploy system. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.

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