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Sky-High Narratives: Custom, High-Performance Drone Shows 

Experience the mesmerizing spectacle of stories painted across the night sky with Drone Show Guys, your premier drone show providers. We're not just illuminating the heavens; we're redefining the art of storytelling through our meticulously choreographed drone light shows. Our unwavering commitment to service excellence has solidified our reputation, making us a trusted partner in delivering awe-inspiring promotion, branding, and entertainment experiences. Engage in a dialogue with our expert team to bring your vision to life, crafting unforgettable moments with our bespoke drone shows. Your story, amplified by our innovation, awaits—connect with us to begin the journey.

Revolutionizing Entertainment with Drone Light Shows

Drone light shows are not just a novel entertainment method; they're an innovative spectacle redefining global celebrations, swiftly eclipsing traditional fireworks with their advanced, high-tech capabilities. Discover the myriad of events where drone light shows have dazzled audiences and explore the boundless possibilities they present for your next occasion.


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Airshows can no longer be considered complete without a drone light show. Our glowing drones add the final touch by mesmerizing the public with animation of historic and modern aviation imagery.



Use drone light shows to create an experience for your customers that they won't forget.  Branding shows apply to new releases and provide a new way to reach your existing base.



Whether you are planning a corporate or personal event, show your appreciation and commemorate the occasion with a light show from drone show guys.

Drone Show Occasions

Outdoor Night Event


Deliver the ultimate experience: entertain and impress your patrons with drone light shows at your venue on a recurring basis.



Be the talk of the town when you share your story and vision through a drone light show at a Grand Opening event.

Ribbon Cutting


Display a symbol of your new product in the sky for everyone to appreciate and remember.

Branded Box


Deploy a drone show when firework restrictions are too limiting and promote environmentally friendly solutions.

Red and Blue Fireworks


Congratulate graduates and impress their guests during a commencement ceremony with a tailored drown show.

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